Do You Love You?

Do You Love You?

Do You Love You?


In a world that's all about self image, we seem to be the most harsh on ourselves. We constantly point out our flaws, rather than pointing out what's great about ourselves. We need to all take a step back, look in the mirror, and ask ourselves, "Do You Love You?"

Trust me, it isn't easy to to completely love who we are with the society we're in. Everyone wishes they could change something about them. Everyone thinks they're flawed and that they're different. The thing is, is that what most of us all really want, is to just fit in. Fit into the "mold" society tells us to be in, but why? Why does society tell us we need to look a certain way to fit in? Why can't we be comfortable in our own Skyn and break out of this mold? What we fail to see is that, what makes us different, is what makes us unique.


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