On The Search For Happiness

On The Search For Happiness

On The Search For Happiness

Although it may be hard to admit, I was once one of those people who jump from one relationship onto the next. I was what people call a "Relationship Jumper". Society has us believing that in order to find true happiness, we must be in a relationship with another, and I mean who doesn't want to be happy? After one relationship would fail, I would enter my next one being hopeful that this would be the guy to fulfill my need of happiness. But after many failed attempts at finding the man of my dreams, I decided to stop looking. I was left so miserable after each relationship, and after each relationship I realized I was losing a piece of me each time they would fail.

I was in a horrible place in life, feeling like the biggest failure. I wanted to resort to staying out late and drinking my feelings away, but instead I decided to keep myself busy by only focusing on my career. Within a few months I was promoted at my job and not long after that I received a raise as well. I was doing so much better for myself and I started asking myself, do I really need someone else in order for me to be happy? Isn't it possible that I could make myself happy?

For once in my life I quit the search for finding a man, but still stumbled upon happiness. I realized that I didn't need a man to be happy. I was fully capable of being happy on my own. While focusing on improving myself, I gained self confidence. I started doing activities I was too afraid of doing on my own, I started not depending on anyone else but myself, and pushing myself to limits I never thought I could reach. And in all of that I found happiness. 

Although I put my search for "the perfect guy" on hold, I know one day I'll find someone who will add happiness into my life, and not necessarily BE the happiness in my life, but for now I'm happy loving myself. Although society tell us we need to be in a relationship in order for us to be happy, maybe sometimes the only relationship you need to be in is the one with yourself.


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