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MiSkyn Confessionals - Calisse Lutcher

Posted on March 25 2018

MiSkyn Confessionals - Calisse Lutcher



We invited Calisse Lutcher to talk about her insecurities growing up and to discuss the struggles she went through during her High School years. 

Growing up Calisse was always made fun of for being the taller girl in which made her feel very insecure about her height. She felt different and awkward and didn't feel like she fit in. With the positive words from her mother, she advised Calisse to never feel insecure or complain about her height and she quickly learned to embrace it and appreciate what makes her different. 

She was able to learn that what made her different was not a horrible thing. What made her different, made her unique, and molded her into being a more confident person that she is today. 


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