New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me


Alright, so yes it is 2020 and yes January is over, BUT guess what there are still 11 more months in this year, and that gives you more than enough time to be that YOU, you have always wanted to be. This year, why don’t we make our goal: to love ourselves more. Self-love and self-care is not a topic people talk about enough. Society teaches us that we NEED to find a soulmate who will love us forever and ever and to have a fairy tale ending, but what if we take a step back and think about loving ourselves first. Here are 3 tips, to help you take those steps towards loving you!

1) Self Reflect!

Now loving yourself is easier said than done. Everyone is dealing with or has dealt with their own struggles. Everyone has their own story and their own journey when it comes to loving who you are, but first things first is self-reflection. Take a moment to sit in a quiet place and be alone with yourself. Talk to yourself and listen to you. How do you feel at this very moment? Are you happy, are you sad? Then ask yourself why are you feeling that way. Start having a conversation with yourself. The thing is, is we get so caught up in our daily lives and become more concerned with other people, that we forget to take a moment and check on ourselves. Even the strongest people have a rough day, so build a routine of checking in on yourself and making sure you’re ok. And even if the answer is, you aren’t ok, that’s ok because now you are aware that you are not ok and you can take those steps to figure out why you aren’t ok.


Everyone loves a good compliment, so why don’t you take a moment once a day and find something positive you can say about yourself. Look in the mirror if you have to, but if the world is going to be a cruel one, at least be the one person who is going to be nice to you. We are constantly too hard on ourselves, it’s time to be nicer to ourselves. Give yourself some credit. It’s easier to find the flaws in ourselves, rather than to see what is so great about ourselves. Be proud of your accomplishments whether it’s a big or a small accomplishment. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a little appreciation.


The most important thing to remember is that this process all takes time. Just like any relationship, a relationship with yourself still needs time and effort. It isn't easy and it won't happen overnight, but that's ok. It's all apart of the process. If you continue taking these steps forward, one day without realizing it you will feel a lot stronger and happier about yourself. There are so many reasons to love yourself, but YOU need to find those reasons within yourself, for yourself.

So now is the time to take those steps forward and take this journey. All the love you give to others, give some to yourself. For the rest of the year, take some time for yourself and love YOU!


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