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PRIDE Collection 2017

Posted on June 04 2017

PRIDE Collection 2017


We are excited to announce our 1st PRIDE collection. MiSkyn is all about embracing who we are and loving who we are, and what a better way to express this by showing your PRIDE.

PRIDE began in New York, one year after the famous Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village. Riots that lasted for over 3 days became some of the most prominent instances in which LGBT people resisted against police discrimination. 

PRIDE originally began as a political demonstration to voice LGBT demands for equal rights and protections. Many parades and demonstrations formed across America and did not form into the PRIDE we know today until 1991. 

PRIDE can now be viewed as a celebration of queer life and sexuality in addition to a political and social demonstration.

MiSkyn created a limited addition collection to celebrate PRIDE, celebrate with us and view our collection now!



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