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TEST About Me

MISKYN CLOTHING was created for the sole purpose for everyone to learn to love themselves. Society makes us look in the mirror and feel like we aren't good enough, and we look for others approval, to be happy with who we are. MiSkyn was created so we won't need others approval, we'd only need our own.

"MiSkyn” pronounced (My-skin). My Skin by putting the two words together forms MiSkyn; with the rearrangement of the letters “I” and “Y” which symbolizes how you can change things up and still send the same message. When it comes to clothing, our clothes can be thought of as our second layer of Skyn. Our clothing and style can define who we are and express a deep message to the world. We all have a different style, a unique flare of who we are, and our clothing expresses that.

It's more than just shirts, it's a mindset! "I LOVE MiSkyn" The MiSkyn brand is about spreading self love. We are all different in many aspects and our message is to encourage you to embrace the Skyn you're in. We want everyone to feel comfortable with who they are, and for people not to feel afraid, or ashamed of who they are. We want you to be YOU, to be an original, to be unique. We want everyone to love the Skyn they're in.